What Really Happened with the Hansie Cronje Crash?

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Today we are discussing the notorious Air Aquarius Flight HS-748, as many will know during a routine cargo run just South of George, South Africa, while carrying former SA Cricket Captain Hansie Cronje crashed into the mountain and took the lives of 3 souls on board. With a storm of media covering this tragic event, this story had an extra edge of a scandal due to the accusations against Hansie Cronje for match-fixing within SA Cricket that took South Africa by storm and the International Cricket World. Many questions surround this event, an inquest was ordered to investigate the events surrounding the crash and unpack whether the accident was more sinister than it initially appeared. Joining us to walk through the events is Bruce Hyde, who back in 2002 was the accessor to the judge during investigations. #ptcaviation #ptcindustrytalks

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